Haas Residential Garage Doors

With today's choice over rising energy costs, your choice of a garage door becomes a major decision. When comparing products prior to specifying or purchasing a sectional door it can be confusing when faced with all the different choices.

There are many different colors, styles, and designs available. One of the common choices that the consumer is faced with is the material used to insulate the door sections.


Haas Door

600 Series

Haas Create

Create the perfect garage door for your home in just a few steps, with the HaasCreate Visualizer. Simply upload a photo of your home, and outline the location of your existing garage door. HaasCreate will help you create your new garage door, with every option in Haas’ collection at your fingertips!

Unshackled Overhead Door is proud to serve you with a full-line of Haas Doors.

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